HealthBASE Networks offers a novel, IT-driven medical management, patient care, and cost containment model and approach for underserved insurance, employer, TPA, healthcare provider and consumer sectors — adding new levels of decision-making support, efficiency, throughput, controls, savings and returns for all stakeholders.

The ProviderBASE® Medical Provider Network + Ordering Platform is a cloud-based Solution Set which addresses medical management opportunities at the earliest onset and, optimally, at the time- and point-of-order. ProviderBASE automates key functions at critical stages to immediately elevate clinical performance, administrative efficiency, patient service levels and managed care savings.

ProviderBASE supports cost containment programs as a front-end, online platform available for doctors, care managers, claims administrators, review agents, PPO networks and other providers to help capture, filter and direct ‘appropriate’ orders in compliance with payer, client and industry rules.

Next-level, CDS-DRIVEN Medical Review & UM.

ProviderBASE® delivers a faster, smarter, more accurate and less expensive approach to clinical review, utilization management, pre-authorization, and medical cost containment — one that begins with e-Ordering and CDS.

Through an advanced e-Ordering, Authorization and Referral Platform driven by self-service decision support tools, ProviderBASE delivers expert clinical guidelines, customized client business rules, linking with designated managed care programs and medical networks, and streamlined provider and stakeholder collaboration.

With emphasis on the critical role that ‘appropriate’, effective medical ordering and optimized referral coordination can play in managed care program performance, ProviderBASE evolves, re-engineers or replaces disruptive manual, paper, telephonic and online form methods – instead using intelligent, easy-to-access cloud-based applications and approaches that help to better capture, route and report information electronically, at the time-of-order and point-of-care.

ProviderBASE does the ‘heavy lifting’ up front, so that physicians, care managers and claims adjusters can get ‘appropriate’ patient care and results they need, coordinated with minimal interruption or distraction from other core tasks.

The result is new levels of automation, accuracy, throughput and reporting that dramatically reduce administrative roles and Medical Review, Prior Authorization and Bill Adjudication program costs and delays.

High Performance PROVIDER NETWORK Platform.

ProviderBASE delivers a ‘Network-of-Networks’ — a universal, “one-and-done” customized PPO and Vendor Network Platform solution that aligns, organizes and links all preferred providers, PPOs, Panels, suppliers, and other cost containment vendors and services as specified in client managed care programs.

The result is a single, intelligent online resource for optimized referral routing, enhanced Network access and penetration, and improved capture of negotiated pricing and savings – a customized and commonly shared web-based Platform that allows for ‘virtual’, yet transparent, bundling of contracted and preferred provider services and ancillary programs from any/all vendors.

With ProviderBASE® you can create and manage a customized, best-of-class ‘Network-of-Networks’ to optimally support medical management and cost containment programs.


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