Benefits of ProviderBASE®e-Ordering with CDS:

1.  Faster and more accurate than traditional order pads, phone, fax , email or web forms

  • ‘Favorite’ function for common orders
  • Type-forward function to minimize typing
  • Easily customize user profiles and preferences
  • ‘Cloud-based’ – runs on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices
  • Tight integration of clinical and administrative workflows – with EHR‘s and ordering programs, and with claims and care management systems

2.  Quickly promotes more appropriate ordering behavior

  • Decision support based on special purpose search and rules engines
  • Embedded guidelines are subtly, seamlessly presented
  • Duplication detection
  • Reference medical results/reports, images and media files
  • Smarter, non-invasive, multi-level warnings

3.  Comprehensive rule sets with option to customize

  • Leading commercial and medical society guidelines
  • Industry-specific clinical and benefit/claims guidelines
  • Ability to set institution, client and user-specific rule sets

4.  Reporting provides actionable information

  • On-demand, real-time reporting and actionable analytics