ProviderBASE is a ‘Network-of-Networks’

ProviderBASE acts as an intelligent transaction hub, incorporating any number of ‘best-in-class’ PPO, Network and vendor programs to create a flexible and ideally adopted cost containment program managed via a ‘virtually consolidated’ and universally-accessed online service.

ProviderBASE coordinates e-Ordering with decision support, pre-authorizations, and optimized, rules-driven referral exchange with an unlimited number of authorized and role-assigned stakeholders and designated Medical Provider and Ancillary Networks — all from a single, secure online Platform.

Here’s an example of how HealthBASE coordinates physicians, MCOs, medical review, Networks/PPOs, specialty providers, ancillary suppliers & vendors:

ProviderBASE offers detailed Provider Information – for optimized ‘Search & Selection’:

ProviderBASE helps manage Networks, vendors and individual preferred provider data with detailed profiles and information that are presented and filtered using the Optimal Provider Selection tools.

With additional provider information conferred, ordering physicians, patients and care managers can more objectively and correctly match clinical requirements and appointment service needs with convenient and available ‘in-network’ providers.

Provider management tools and information that can be presented include:

  • clinical services and sub-specialties
  • physicians, technologists, other professionals and employees
  • ownership and affiliations
  • locations, including maps and driving directions
  • days and hours of operation
  • equipment, software and upgrades
  • credentials, licenses and qualifications
  • participating insurance and plans
  • pricing, payment types and terms, available discounts
  • other patient services, including languages spoken
  • media and other practice/information resources
  • quality metrics and outcome levels
  • appointment calendars
  • managed care contracts and applications