ProviderBASE® allows over-burdened claims adjusters and care managers to focus on the many things they need to do — while relieving them of other tasks — by providing a more optimal and automated way to:

  1. communicate managed care procedures and systems
  2. promote and monitor medical ordering ‘appropriateness’
  3. process authorization data and notifications
  4. select optimal providers/networks and direct referrals
  5. coordinate patient care and scheduling
  6. supervise expenses and outcomes through real-time reporting
  7. engage with all stakeholders using shared systems and information.

ProviderBASE delivers to the Workers’ Compensation industry:

  • A single Platform solution that gets all stakeholders on the same page for ‘appropriate’, highly automated and rules-driven e-Ordering
  • A shared Application Suite that delivers authorized referrals, notifies all parties and links with review, claims, billing and clinical systems
  • Educative Guidelines at Physician/Provider levels – to improve ordering ‘appropriateness’ and reduce administrative role
  • Reduced UM, Review and Prior Authorization program costs and operating expense – via a highly automated ‘triage’ review of physician orders
  • Reduced Claims Administrator and Payer burden, delays, risk and expense
  • Elevated PPO penetration through e-Order capture and seamless ‘hand-off’ to stakeholders and providers
  • Rendering Providers are less able or likely to circumvent PPOs/Networks – increasing capture and coordination of discounts and contract rates
  • Universal approach – vendor neutral & inclusive + direct-to-provider; aligns select best-of-class networks, suppliers and providers to one Platform
  • Improved patient throughput and billing adjudication with Authorization status and code delivery to data/IT sources
  • New IT services, solutions and performance levels across operations, systems and partners
  • Elevated compliance, lower program costs, realized net savings and improved satisfaction at all levels